Er, Vivitar ViviCam 5355

scowls in a corner and cursed for the nth time

I thought uploading pictures from Vivitar ViviCam 5355 would be easy but lo, I need a driver for it. I thought it was a plug and play device! Heck, I have to search for a driver before I could upload my graduation pics here. Amp.

-.-" I'm a bit pissed really, for I was searching for the driver for an hour already.

Oh my, would someone help me with this...inconvenience?

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10 причин освоить Linux сегодня

© Photo courtesy of Larry Ewing, Simon Budig and Anja Gerwinski.

Disclaimer: Цель данного поста — дать людям возможность попробовать что-то новое, а вовсе не начать новую волну флейма linux vs. windows.

1. Linux бесплатен
Это значит, что за большинство дистрибутивов не надо платить. Вообще. Их можно абсолютно легально скачать в Интернете или купить на рынке и установить на любое количество компьютеров.
Лицензия GNU GPL, распространяющаяся на Linux, предоставляет следующие права:

(читать полностью...)

Program Construction

I apologise, I've been newly made a computer scientist. I'm just looking for a text(s) recommendation. I'm doing a module called program construction - It involves *quantified notation,*Hoare triples finding the weakest precondition, backwards derivation, finding the values of an array, emptying the range, finding the guard, abstracted class reduction.

Can anybody recommend beginners texts in this area?
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Data warehousing

I'm new here and looking for a recommendation.
I work with RDBMS / SQL (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server) - database design, development, data migrataion.
I want to study data warehousing (I understand the concept but that's about it).

What books would you recommend for the start and why? I know Ralph Kimball is the guru but I want to hear what books really worked for you. Thanks in advance. --enot


Can someone reccomend a decent beginners book for Ruby?

I'm leaning towards this but I have no experience with that particular line.

For my PHP reference, I use this and it has everything layed out nicely for me, but the only Ruby book I could find in that line was for Ruby on Rails E-Commerce, which is not the way I'm wanting to go.

Thanks so much!
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I'm looking for Handbook of Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. A: Algorithms and Complexity (Chapter 8 Algorithm motion planning in robotics). Does anybody know of book scan available?

Algorithms Reference

I've been thinking of buying a good book on algorithms that would also serve as a reference in future. There are three books I know, of Cormen,Tanenbaum and Knuth. 

Is there any other book that is better, and which one should I choose among these ?

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